Career in Mechanical Engineering

Career in Mechanical Engineering

Career in Mechanical Engineering

A bright career in Mechanical Engineering after B.Tech is meant for those who are interested in the design, development, installation, operation or maintenance of just about anything under the sun that has moveable parts. It is closely related with machines and manufacturing. B Tech Mechanical Engineering will provide a solid foundation in core mechanical engineering courses, improve your critical thinking pattern and enhance problem-solving skills. Engineering professionals always being in a team with projects and its management, a B Tech Mechanical Engineering degree will mould you with excellent written and oral communication skills.

Career in Mechanical Engineering B Tech programme offered by most of the best colleges and premier institutions in the country has a good blend of design. It is integrated with hands-on experience delivered through various courses and practicals. This undergraduate programme in engineering has an in depth coverage of various courses on engineering sciences. Most of these courses are introduced at the core curriculum level, theoretical and experimental solution of physical problems, and design of systems from the contemporary industrial perspective. The best engineering institutions in India will cover Energy Conversion and Power Systems, Heat Transfer and Fluid Mechanics, Mechanics of Solids, Manufacturing Science, Industrial Engineering, Automatic Controls and Engineering Design and Optimization at the undergraduate level. Apart from these theory and lab practicals, students may complete an advanced design project in their final year.  The final year project is to get a good understanding of mechanical engineering fundamentals and learn how to apply your skills in different domains in the discipline.

If you are looking for a career in Mechanical Engineering, there is no additional requirement for admission. Curriculum offered by most of the best engineering colleges keeps the students interested in exploring facets of engineering. Most of the best colleges have the opportunities to include in research activities, industrial internships, student clubs / associations and seminars. Research at undergraduate level gives an opportunity to work closely with eminent faculty. This gives first-hand experience in conducting research. Internship is highly recommended for the undergraduate students, where students are exposed to a professional environment by working in industries, and academia both within the country and abroad. Students may work under the mentorship of a faculty member or an industrial supervisor. The position need not be compulsorily salaried.

Mechanical Engineering – Objectives

  • Educate the students with a blend of technology and science and to create competent, creative, imaginative and professional engineers
  • To promote research skills among the students in different domains of knowledge in mechanical engineering.
  • Generate skilled, technical manpower and contribute for the development of the society
  • Meet the growing demands of the country through intellectually trained mechanical engineers.
  • The above motives are inculcated in the student through the delivery of concepts and intellectual skills, courage and integrity, awareness of and sensitivity to the requirements and aspirations of the society.

Mechanical Engineering – Student Outcomes

After the successful completion of graduation in mechanical engineering, some of the notable outcomes are:

  • ability to apply the acquired knowledge of mathematics, science, technology and engineering
  • ability to design, develop, test various solutions
  • conduct experiments, interpret and analyse the output
  • design, develop a system or a process to meet the requirements of the society 
  • Meet the goal by understanding the realistic constraints such as economic, environmental, social, safety, financial feasibility, and sustainability
  • Use the technical skills and latest tools devised in engineering to build a better solution to a given problem
  • Ability to work in a multidisciplinary team
  • Ability to understand contemporary issues related to engineering and the enthusiasm to enjoy learning till the end of life
  • an ability for communicating effectively
  • an understanding of professional and ethical responsibility

Mechanical Engineering – Internships, Projects & Training

Internships for mechanical engineers: there is no need to explain the benefits of internship in the career of an engineering aspirant. After the second year, it is wise to work in a professional environment like HAL, ISRO type of organizations to study and apply the theoretical concepts learned in the class rooms. 

Undergraduate projects: Most of the best engineering colleges and premier institutions in India insist the undergrad students to do a mini project. That falls at the end of the third year. It may be based on some research topics or designing a solution for an existing problem.

Industrial training: Industrial training is yet another important activity in the life of a mechanical engineer while doing the graduation. This is an excellent opportunity to get exposed to a professional and industrial environment. 

Mechanical Engineering Research opportunities

With the explosive growth in manufacturing and infrastructure development in the country, research possibilities at the undergrad level has grown extensively today. In fact, every university in India that is active in research has grown to understand the importance of research to be inculcated at B Tech level.  Best engineering colleges and premier institutions in India encourage undergraduate research. It is a pedagogical tool that helps to channelize the energy and enthusiasm of students into conceptual-based education. This will result in igniting their minds to explore with curiosity the world around them. Research helps them to

  • link the gap between class-room learning and real life challenges
  • understand the importance of theory in the curriculum, 
  • experiment innovative and efficient methods for solutions

Research at B Tech level is seen as a carrier to create change in the approach of addressing the holistic development of undergraduate students. It offers valuable experiences and benefits to all sections of the academic environment – students, mentors as well as the Institute.

Mechanical Engineering Placements 

Career options for aspiring mechanical engineers: In general, any company that designs and produces a product requires a mechanical engineer. But on the other hand, mechanical engineers may also work in research labs, the military, government, academia and in other professions such as management, finance.

Design experience is a skill that is expected from a B Tech Mechanical Engineer. Another important domain for B Tech Mechanical Engineering student is the manufacturing domain. The jobs in this domain would need the skills in developing a product, by selecting appropriate materials and choose the right machinery to manufacture the product. Most mechanical engineers in this industry work for equipment manufacturers, aerospace companies, utilities, material processing plants, transportation companies, and petroleum companies.

Job profiles include:

  • research and development
  • design/testing of equipment or systems
  • supervision of production / testing,
  • engineering a plant or administration
  • the testing and evaluation of machines and entire plants. 

Mechanical Engineers are needed in aviation, automobile, biomedical, nano-science, cement, chemical, mining and metallurgy, nuclear, power plant, robotics, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning industries.

Mechanical engineers can find employment in any organization where innovation is given importance. These are mostly in the government, research, industry, military, teaching, management or consulting sectors. With a degree in mechanical engineering, diversity is the key.  It is also possible that you end up working in a simple laboratory or at a construction site. 

Remember, “nearly every mechanical device was created by a mechanical engineer so the possibilities for employment are virtually endless!

Choosing best college for mechanical engineering:

A best college for mechanical engineering shall be chosen based on the lab and infrastructure facilities. The reason is that mechanical engineering is a profession where you need to have good skills gained through experimentation in the lab. It is always good to go with the rank published by NIRF. This helps you to get an idea of the best college in India ranked by the Ministry of Education.

Some of the companies that recruits B Tech Mechanical Engineers are: 

ABB, Accenture, ACG Worldwide, Agro Com, Anglo Eastern Shipping, Ashok Leyland, BCH, BEL, Bluestar, Centuri, Link, Cummins India Ltd, Delloite, Essar, Future First, GMR Energy, HCL Core, Hero Motors, Honda Two Wheelers,  Hero Motors Corporations,  IBM, Indian Army, Infosys, Ingersol Rand, JSW, Kenna Metals, L&T, Mahindra & Mahindra, Maruti Suzuki, Michelin, Moog India, Mphasis, Mu Sigma, ONGC, Oracle, Punjlloid, Quest,  Reliance, Tata Technologies, Tata Motors, TCE, TCS, TCE , Telcon, Tech Mahindra, Titan,  Vedanta, WIPRO, WIPRO, W S Atkins, Zuari Cement.