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Career in Engineering – Planning an Engineering Career is becoming more critical and important for the next generation high school students. It is very important for any school student planning engineering career for their future. The higher education landscape has been changing dramatically and dynamically in the past few months.  Starting November 2019, due to the slow, but massive spread of the coronavirus across the globe, there have been changes in planning an engineering career in 2020. From Indian perspective, students who were planning to go abroad for higher studies with part-time work in Europe or the Americas will now have to wait as those countries need to return to normalcy. Some of the universities have started offering classes online for those who have confirmed the admission. There is also a news that the companies who used to recruit foreign students for part time work have stopped because of no business. Getting into foreign universities with part time jobs to pay off the fees will be a question now, especially in Europe and Americas. While planning a career in engineering with a bright future for those who have now placed/planning to join companies or universities for higher education, will have to certainly think of other alternatives. Those who got job offers in 2020 in India too may get affected as most of the companies have slowed down their business or services. Stock values and share markets are also getting crashed.

By monitoring the disruption that the coronavirus is causing to prospective international students we hope that our latest research can help institutions plan more clearly for the next academic year. The data still suggests that the impact of coronavirus is likely to be an issue of timing, it is therefore vital that universities remain flexible on application deadlines and start dates during this uncertain period. It’s our priority to provide institutions with the most up-to-date information possible as the situation evolves. We hope that our insights will allow universities to mitigate the worst impacts of the virus on their students and staff as we continue to play our role as a responsible partner to the higher education sector. – Nunzio Quacquarelli, CEO of QS. Source (QS Ranking website)

Source: QS Ranking website

Most of the countries are adopting several measures to spread the virus infection. Impact on industries is huge. While some companies have started lay-offs, some others are still retaining their employees with marginal pay cut.

Career in Engineering – Manufacturing Industries

The skills that are necessary for many manufacturing jobs will include systems engineering, project management and software development. This will emphasise of pursuing a B.Tech degree in Mechanical Engineering, with a specialisation in Robotics and Automation. Most of the new curriculum is supported with computational thinking concepts and subjects. Future Engineers will have to be equipped with technological knowledge in order to face the changing industrial needs. A report by Shri. Ashok Bharat says that the Indian scenario will be challenging for the foreign investments but there is a scope of expansion of domestic products. This is somewhat hopeful and clear with the announcement of a package by the government of India in May 2020. Government is trying to promote a small scale industrial sector.

Career in engineering – Automation Industries

Automation will play a vital role in the industrial sector. Primary objective being to reduce the number of workers and to increase efficiency. What does it mean to a school student planning engineering career in 2020? Any student looking for an engineering career shall take a note that automation is inevitable. Application of AI, ML and deep learning in the core engineering sector will boost automation. 

News from Livemint says: Firms will invest more in cognitive capabilities and artificial intelligence, industrial robots, service robots, and robotic process automation

This is something very critical for a student planning engineering career in 2020. They are expected to understand the technologies like robotics, AI, IoT and how data can be used for automation and efficiency. 

Health care industry will boom with the above process of automation. From the experience of managing a pandemic, pharma, electronics manufacturing sector for the health care industries also will boom. Mechanical Engineering students planning an engineering career in 2020 will see a rise in the demand in the healthcare domain. Robotic assistance is heavily in demand during this pandemic. Robotc can move to any place which most health workers may be afraid of.

Construction sector: Infrastructure development by the government will continue with huge investments, especially in the cities where the pandemic has been affected severely. There will be a shift from the traditional way of design and architecture to virtual and augmented reality. See the report here

The author is an administrator with more than 15 years of teaching experience in one of the top ranked private universities in India.

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